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Sharon L. - "I can't say enough good about Living Well Eats and Rachel's Bootcamp. I've been on several weight loss plans in my years.  I would start out great and then get bored and quit.....During COVID I gained about 20 pounds, signed up for weight watchers online.  That didn't work.  I needed the interaction of people plus I didn't like the plan. When Rachel came out with Living Well Eats all I could think about was the cost and 'Here I go again'. I started a week ago Monday and I have to say that this is the best program ever. I am not hungry and I love the recipes!!! I really enjoy our chat room.  Everyone is so nice and understanding and helpful with recipes.  I'm 70 years old and I have to say that I am the happiest I've been with my food and new friends and thank you Rachel."


Down 23 pounds since I started.  I don't weigh often since weight loss isn't a main goal for me but I'm happy to see it.  I just love how much better I feel in general. -Michelle B.   9/27/21


WELCOME : )  I am so glad that you are here because that means that you are searching for something that will change your health and maybe your life.  

The Living Well Eats Bootcamp was born from a frustrating place.  I have been a Health and Wellness Professional for 30 years and I have seen a lot of quick weight loss programs that frustrated me.  So I decided to do something about it and Poof! The Living Well Eats Bootcamp started to form as a program that is easy, healthy, sustainable and full of support for you. 

This program deals with a lot of issues that affect our lives today:

  • Busy Schedule

  • Not Knowing the Right Things to Eat

  • Feeling Like Your Lost and Alone

  • Low Energy

  • Struggling Mental Health

  • Struggling Physical Health


Accountability and knowledge are two of the biggest key to a successful weight loss program.  Your Weight Loss Bootcamp will give you that and so much more.  You will also get:

  • Workouts

  • Meal Plans

  • 30 Days Meal Replacement Shakes

  • Recipes

  • Community

  • Coaching

  • Results

Every single person that has stuck to our Bootcamp program has lost weight and kept it off.  Any issues that come up with any of my Bootcampers have with the program I find a solution for them that works for them.  You Will Get Personal Guidance With My Bootcamp. 




This is what Jasmine S. has to say about The Living Well Eats Bootcamp


                                "You know how many diets and meal plans are out                                       there?  It's insane but nothing ever looked like it would be

                             worth it or the foods just didn't make me happy to try it

                             out.  But, than came along Living Well Eats Plan and this

                             truly made a difference in my life.  In just 2 short weeks

                             of learning how to eat right I have shed inches from my

                             waist and just feel GREAT overall. If you have a goal to

                             lose weight or just learn to eat right this is definitely the

                             plan for you."



I have struggled with weight loss for quite a while…my weight has always fluctuated! I got to my heaviest and knew I had to do something and make changes! I started the Shakeology and Living Well Eating Bootcamp! When I first started I had struggles, but Rachel helped every step of the way. She helped adjust things and get me in the right mindset. I have started to lose the weight and I am so thankful for Rachel and the program. I am still learning but it is getting easier! I am down 7lbs in 4 weeks and am already feeling better!! -Meagan C.   8/3/2021


Hey how are you doing? Just wanted to let you know I lost another 2lb!! Thank you so much for being here for me and coaching me!!😘. Char G. 


Rachel Pergl has introduced me to the best weight loss plan I have tried, and I have tried a lot!!! Not only did she introduce, she is only a text away from any and all questions. I love the Beachbody product and I am finally able to succeed with my weight loss journey!!   Shelli W. 8/8/2021

Successful weight loss is possible with Rachel Pergl’s Living Well Eats program.

When the food offerings of the original program did not work with my dietary restrictions, Rachel worked with me to customize a program to suit my needs. I now have a new way to approach eating that has not only resulted in helping me reach my pre-COVID weight in less than two months, it is also healthy and sustainable.   -Sheryl T. 8/8/2021

Rachel has been such an invaluable part of my health journey. I am an avid runner, but despite my own efforts to lose some weight and develop more significant strength, I wasn't seeing progress. I even had myself on a very strict diet of no sugar, no dairy, only whole foods.  At a loss, I engaged Rachel as a personal trainer. Her expert, personable advice and programs really helped me increase my strength. When I implemented the principals of her Living Well Eats program, my body actual began to lose weight. I was stunned! So far, I've lost 8 pounds and 11.75 inches since implementing her nutrition plan. I've lost 14.5 inches since beginning with her Bootcamp. I am so grateful to Rachel for truly giving me hope on my health journey. And, feel less restrictive and more joy along the way.   

-Katherine D. 8/9/2021   


 In the last 18 months I managed to gain what I refer to as the “covid-19” (and then some). When I stepped on the scale in June 2021, I was mortified because it was the heaviest I have ever been. Trying it on my own was a struggle until one day an angel by the name of Rachel Pergl contacted me about the new program (LivingWell Eats Bootcamp) that she had just launched. I jumped right into it, and started seeing results immediately. I’m down 38lbs and counting, and couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Rachel and her team for being such an amazing and supportive presence in my life. I have returned to more mindful eating, changed my routines and what I put in my body, and am also enthusiastic about exercise again. 

-Diana H.  8/13/21

Ok let's place the final piece of the puzzle into place.  The cost.  Your health is worth every penny that you invest. The great thing about our Bootcamp is that it really won't break your budget.


You see you only pay for your products and your workout programs.  You get a ton of services for FREE. 


All of the:

Meal Planning

Accountability Coaching


and Online Community IS FREE!!!

Initial Investment starts at $174.00.  That includes tax and shipping.

What an incredible deal.  AND...... if you don't like the product or if you don't lose any weight or inches at all you get a FULL REFUND.  A full money back guarantee.  

If are ready to really get serious about your health and lose weight safely, with real food and real results than email me today at 





I will help you or give you your money back.  Guaranteed. 

-Rachel P.

Current Bootcamper Results as of 11/15/2021

Angie H.   Lost 8.2 pounds

Sherri       Lost 5 pounds

Kristy        Lost 9.5 pounds

Angie B.    Lost  11 pounds

Connie     Lost  2 pounds

Ashley      Lost   4.5 pounds

Char         Lost   6.2 pounds

Sharon    Lost   4 pounds


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