I have been in contact with the opportunity to help people through Podcasts during Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month.  Even after I wanted to continue my teachings in hope that I can share ways that you can improve your quality of life even through difficult mental healthy issues. 

Every week I will be releasing a new message.  Use them to help you get through this thing called life. 

Be Safe.
Rachel P.


Putting on Your Armour: Rachel P.

The 6 Things I've Done To Save and Improve My Life. 
Putting On Your Armour: Rachel P.

How To "Fake It Til You Make It"
and Why That Is An Important Step Towards
Rebuilding Your Life
Putting On Your Armour: Rachel P.

Why Exercise Is Important In Improving Your Mental Health, How To Get Started and Keep It Interesting
Putting On Your Armour: Rachel P.


Women's Self Defense Workshop


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