PEOPLE LOVE FITNESS IN MOTION! Here's what they have to say


Today is always a good day on my FB memories. 
I used to drink at least one huge fountain Diet Dr Pepper or Diet Coke each day. Over 7 years ago I gave up soda cold turkey and haven’t turned back. In 7 years I’ve tried small drinks of soda twice and it was terrible. You can do it too if you want! Seriously once it is out of your system you lose all taste for it. 
Also thank you Rachel Rasinski Pergl for encouraging me strongly to kick that habit. I’m forever grateful.  -Amber F.


I have enjoyed being a member with FIM. Workouts are exciting again. I am receiving the guidance always needed to make a great workout -Heather S.


When I complain about being super sore tomorrow, it will be thanks to Rachel Rasinski Pergl...

If you want to get your butt kicked while having fun (without breaking the bank), I definitely recommend Fitness in Motion! Rachel is a sweetheart who genuinely cares about you and pushes you to be your best self. Check them out!   -Heather N.

When your leg resist movement on waking you know you've had 3 days of AWESOME workouts!!! Thanks Sabra Townsend and Rachel Rasinski Pergl for changing me physically, mentally, and emotionally towards workouts!!! Can't wait to hit the new hip-hop circuit on Mon morning at FIM (fitness in motion). 
Come join me for a free first week and a gym where you become family.   -Heather S.

Such a great muscle conditioning class. Much needed to add to my life. - Heather S.

I've been going to FIM for just over a year now and have loved my experience so much. The instructors are all unique but each one will kick your but, IN A GOOD WAY! There are tons of classes so I can always fit working out into my schedule. Also, the fact that you're doing class with other people really holds you accountable to stay for the whole workout and push yourself. There are tons of other gym choices in Indianapolis, but if you're not going to FIM, you're missing out!!   -- Lauren C.

"I've been attending FIM for over two years, almost daily.  What I love beyond the high energy vibe is the diversity of those who attend - people from every age, ability and ethnicity.  New dance routines are introduced often, so it keeps you mind sharp and completely dissipates brain fog resulting in higher energy and focus.  AND it's a very caring community of people.  Oh, did I mention, losing weight and toning muscles?  It brings that too."  -Nancy R. 

Awesome environment, supportive staff, and great workouts!    -Diondria B.

I LOVE this gym!! All the instructors are great and push you to do Your Best! For once, I love to workout! -Ashley W.

I absolutely LOVE FIM! Drop weight, get strong and have fun doing it!  -Brenda M.-

"I'm in high school and have never been much into sports but FIM has been a great place for me to exercise, have fun and meet new people.  It has opened me up to my dancing abilities along with other dance opportunities.  I'm actually now a part of a competitive dance troupe made up of professional women who have mentored me.  It's a great place."  -Alex R.

"When I was 8 years old, I took a ballet class at a studio in the next town over from my hometown. My mom quickly pulled me from the class, because my ballet teacher, Ms. Kim, informed my mom that I was "too fat" to dance. Although that has never stopped me from bustin' a move, I never took another dance class again, because...well, I may or may not be scarred from Ms. Kim's comment. I'm "too fat" for it. At 27 I'm finally getting over the stigma, thanks to Fitness In Motion and Pound Fit. I first found out about Pound Fit through Yelp Fit Club and signed up for the free Pound Fit class offered at Fitness In Motion. I got my butt whupped HARD from the 1-hour class, yet I found myself enjoying every heart-pounding, heavy-breathing, sweat-dripping, muscle-burning moment of it. I enjoyed the experience so much that I've been to 12 classes since May. As of now, I give Pound Fit priority on Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless there's an Elite event of course...that trumps all). As someone who is infamous for putting off workouts, this is pretty monumental.I like to refer to Pound Fit as my uncoordinated dance class. In my mind my fellow Poundees (that's a thing, right?) and I gather to rehearse our STOMP-esque dance moves for a fast-paced hip-hop music video or low-budget rendition of "Step Up 7". We rhythmically slam our sticks, keeping on beat (most of the time) to the songs. The harder we pound it out, the more we take away from the fact that we're squatting and lunging and jumping and crunching and pulsing to the point where our thighs, abs, glutes, and triceps are ready to give out. It's difficult no doubt, but I've never had more fun working out and kept a program going this long. Better yet, I'm beginning to see results in my arms and legs, justifying all of the "day after" soreness. I feel stronger and more confident, motivating me to take on more intense moves. Best of all, there are no Ms. Kim's judging my imperfections. The class has women (and sometimes men) of all sizes and ages sweating it out with you, led by one of three encouraging and upbeat instructors. Together we're literally the hottest troupe on the east side. To all those looking for a dance--I mean--fitness class that's effective and, more importantly, FUN, I'll see you at rehearsal--I mean--Pound Fit."  -Alison F.




"I am so thankful for FIM, for without it I would not have met the strong, smart and wonderful women who are in my life today."  -Christy C.



"I bought the groupon, like many people trying out FIM for the first time, and I have to say my only disdain is that I can't take all of the classes at this location. The PIYO class definitely helped stretch out my tired muscles. The instructor was good and she even stayed behind to help a classmate work out some individualized stretches for lower back pain (the reason I started pilates/yoga classes myself). I am looking forward to going back for my next nine classes. It is hard to find fitness studios with good, affordable classes on the east side without purchasing a membership." - Tiffany H.



"Thanks so much for the warm welcome you and your staff and the members have all been so kind and welcoming.  I've never experienced a gym/workout facility like yours.  It's taken me a while to get there, but now that I've experienced it, I have recommended it to many others."  -Amy L. 



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