How We Survived And Found Our Lives: What is this all about and how I came up with this idea.

As I am writing this we are in the middle of a global pandemic due to a virus named COVID-19. It's been crazy for everyone and being a single mom who was forced to close her business because of the mandatory lock down of all gyms, I have had my own stresses to deal with. But when I heard the first person say, "People will kill themselves because of all of this" I cried. I am actually crying right now sitting here at my computer. I am panicked and heartbroken at the potential wave of devastating pain that families are going to endure. People keep saying its going to happen but my brain keeps screaming "HOW CAN WE STOP THIS?"

From day one after my husband of almost 20 years took his life I have wanted to warn people not to die by their own hand. And I did in a video that I posted begging people to fight through their depression and live. I didn't really think that my videos made a difference, it was really a way that I was coping with my grief. Until someone messaged me and said that the video that I posted saved their life, and than another person posted and another. After that I threw myself into trying to find ways to give people a way to improve their quality of life.

Honestly, I didn't know what to do with this newfound info that was bestowed on me and it was eating me up inside, until I came across two videos online. One was a video from a motivational artist named Dhar Mann. He posts different videos filled with great messages on how to treat other people and live your best life. He posted a story about a real life YouTuber that left his full time job and started sharing stories of people around the globe who are doing good things. This man has changed lives. Than I was watching a podcast from Chalene Johnson while looking for answers that I needed while trying to save my gym from being permanently shut down due to COVID-19. She said "You never know when your story can help someone." And than I started thinking, which can be a scary thing, but I thought why couldn't I combine what I have learned and try to shine a light to people in a very dark place.

I know how tough this is and I am not downplaying the fear that you feel inside. Not knowing what is going to happen to our future is a very scary thing. But me and the people that have volunteered to share their story have lived through hell and crawled up to rebuild our lives. Heck we are still rebuilding because of COVID-19 but there are us that are not worried because we have learned how to deal with the dark times and bring in the light. We want to show you how we did it so you can do it too.

Your life is precious and you are loved. You are needed. There is no job loss, financial issue or health worry that is worth your life and the pain that will come after your gone is enormous and everlasting. Please watch these videos and get the proper help you need. Find your way to survival because Our Story Is Not Over Yet.

Much love, prayer and hope to you - Rach

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