The Story of LaDonna Roberts

LaDonna lost her husband to suicide back in the 80's when getting help was not spoken about like it is now. The story of survival is strong even after she had suffered more trauma after losing her husband Dennis.

Good evening, how do you go about telling a horror story of your life.....I'm 60 years old, and I have lived longer than I knew my husband. It started back in 1983, I was a 23 year old single mom, hitting the clubs, met this amazing guy. We lived together and he finally had asked me to marry him. It's now 1987 and we decided to get married on Valentine's Day. About a week before the wedding while I was at work friends came out to congratulate him. My sister was leaving and heard them discussing giving a joint to Dennis laced with pcp. This would become her what if moment she lives with forever. She brushed it was the 80's and he never knew what happened. We were married on Valentine's day, 4 days later he began losing memory...small things. Then one morning he didn't know who he was. He fell and I couldn't wake him up. I called 911 when they got him awake he believed he was God. So they baker acked him. After two hospitals he came home and he was doing great. We made appointments to the closest psychiatric center near us. Because it was the 80's no one understood phyc meds this Dr. Changes his meds....I'm talking he was on 4 different high meds, haldol was the heaviest. The new dr changed everything. Two days later I chose to go to work, I hadn't been able to keep a good schedule and because he was doing so well I went to work. I'll never forget when I got in my car to drive home I heard a voice say it's finished. No one was in my car, I was tired and I just shrugged it off. When I got home I saw him standing in front of his car. I went over to hug him and he began to swing in my arms, and is legs were bent, he could have stood up.....I made it in the house called 911 and the rest they say is history......I do remember telling the police advocate about the voice. He did say a lot of people have it happen like that.

For me it was very slow. The hardest part for me was in the 80's there was no help. The counseling centers were all parents of teens victims. And because I was just 27 every one just thought that my remarrying would solve my problems, nightmares and depression. So after 5 years I caved in and married the man my church and family chose, a nice Christian high up in the church.....the day after our marriage the beatings began and I was made to become a child in bed.....when I told, I was told that I was just not praying hard enough.....and I was the mentally disturbed one. I finally caved and believed it myself....I tried suicide several times. The last time I was going to drive my car into the lake. As I punched the gas going down the hill, I heard Dennis yell, Don't you dare.....that was in 2015...I began to slowly take my life back. I was 500lbs, I had gastric bypass in 2018, my divorce was final in February. I walked the out if darkness 5k in Feb. I knew I was walking out finally. This is his 33 year anniversary 4-7. I've only had one bad day. I know he is with me, all the time. But I feel things are changing, because I feel he says it's time to let him go.

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