Our Weight Loss Challenge Results

  (because why would you pay for something that

   doesn't work)


Anna P. graduated 8/4/2018 Lost 11.4 pounds and 10.25 inches
Anna was so thrilled with her results. She said that with the 
things that she learned during the challenge she feels confident
to continue her great eating habits and lose more weight.



Anita L.  Lost 4 pounds in 1 week.  She graduates 10/31/18

Autumn B.  Graduated 9/16/18. She lost a total of 20.65 inches and 15 Pounds. 


Chelsea S.   Graduated 9/17/18. She lost 7.50 inches and 8.4 pounds 







Dana Carr Graduated 9/8/18. She lost 12.75 inches and 3.8 pounds


Danielle N.  After 5 weeks with her challenge she has lost 15.75 inches 

Deanna B. Graduated 9/16/18.  She lost 10.50 inches and 6 pounds.

Debbie E.  Lost 2 pounds in her first week.  Her graduation date is 9/8

Diana B. Graduated 10/3/1.  Lost 11.25 inches and 4 pounds.  

Donna Z.    Lost 27 pounds and 53 inches total so far


Lanette S.   Graduated 9/16/18  She lost 6.25 inches and 7.2 pounds

Lewanda D.  Lewanda graduated 9/22/18.  She lost 8 inches and 7.4 pounds

Ann L.  Lost 29 pounds

Kathy B.  Graduated 10/2/18  She lost 8.5 inches and 10 pounds

Kathy Y.  Lost 14 pounds and 10.75 inches  She has lost 3 pant sizes

   Kathy says "This has been a tough but exciting challenge. 

                        I feel a great sense of accomplishment and can't wait to get

                         measured on Saturday. You've been super supportive and I 

                         felt like I am not doing this alone"

Katie S.    Lost 22.7 pounds and 18.75 inches

Keisha S.  Graduated 8/16/18  Lost 17 inches and 13 pounds

Joy G.      Lost 14.6 pounds and 15.25 inches

Adi S.       Lost 6 pounds and 9.5 inches

Ashley G.  Lost 12.8 pounds and 12.5 inches

Cynthia R. Lost 22 inches

April R.     Lost 15 pounds and 8.25 inches

Anita D.     Lost 7 pounds and 6.75 inches

Diane N.    Lost 13.5 pounds

Ericka H.    Lost 8.8 pounds and 14.25 inches



Gail           Lost 15.1 pounds and 13.5 inches

Julie B.       Lost 11 pounds and 9 inches

Sandra C.  Sandra graduated on 10/14/18 She lost 15 pounds and 16.25.  

I asked her to give a quick review about the challenge.  She said she loved how she felt and all of 

the accountability that helped her eat right.  Then she said this "first of all you are the best coach ever.

Your so encouraging.  Just to have someone there saying you can do it, have my back.... its just 

that.  I look forward to seeing Rachel's messages every morning









Sarah M.    Lost 6 pounds and 11.75 inches


before after pic.JPG
before after pic.JPG
before and after.JPG
Before and after picture.JPG
Before and after pic.JPG
Before and after pic.JPG
before and after pic.JPG
before and after.JPG

Chelsea says the best part of the challenge so far is learning how to track her foods.  She has developed an excellent menu plan and likes to see what kind of calories different foods provide.


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