I have gotten 7 pounds off of my clients in the first week and up to 20 pounds in 2 months.  Can you imagine how good you will feel after learning how to eat right and exercise on a regular basis. 


If you are dedicated to changing the way you eat and adding exercise into your daily life then this challenge will be a perfect fit for you.  


This challenge is well thought out and provides results. BOOM!!!  These are results from this month alone.....

>>Jean F. Lost 8 inches in 3 weeks, 4.5 of          those inches in her waist. 

>>Jerrica lost 4 Pounds in 7 days

>>Bridgette lost 2.3 Pounds in 7 days


This is what you get:


Daily dietary tracking  with a certified coach


Unlimited classes at Fitness In Motion

At Home 12 Minute PACE Workouts sent directly to your home


Weekly Weigh-in


Full Body Measurements


7 Nutritional Classes

Meal Planning


Metabolism Testing


One on one Nutritional Counseling

Samples of 3 Young Living Essential Oils


Before and After pictures


Graduation Certificate


Accountability and Motivation

Constant Contact With Your Very Own Personal Trainer

AND... When you graduate you get a lifelong $25 monthly unlimited class rate at Fitness In Motion

        All for Only  $99.00                                             

                      Sale $75.00




Hundreds of people have lost weight in 2 months with this challenge.

Just like:  Barbara lost 27 pounds.

Courtney lost 14 pounds

Katie lost 24 pounds

Ann 29 pounds

This challenge will change your life and give you lifelong skills to become the healthiest you can be.