I hope that this will help you maneuver coming back to FIM or attending one of our many Zoom classes.
Q. How do I register for Live classes at FIM
A. You need to download an App on your smartphone called Mindbody.  After you download App, register with your email and establish your own personal password.  Make sure your phone location setting is on.  After you register, click on "Find Your Favorite Business" and type in Fitness In Motion.  Please make sure that the search distance settings is 20 miles or more. After you click on FIM you can click on "Class Schedule" find the class your interested in attending and click on "Book Class".  Than your done.
Q. What if I cannot come to class after I registered?
A. Go into the Mindbody App and find the class you need to cancel.  Press the cancel button and your class registration will be removed.
Q. What is the protocol when we enter the gym?
A. A staff member wearing a mask will take your temperature with a touch less thermometer as you enter the building.  If staff is not available when you arrive you will be asked to wait in the waiting area until they can.  If your temperature is under 100 degrees you are fine.  If your temperature is over 100 degrees you have a fever and should be home anyway getting some rest.
Q. Do I have to wear a mask during class?
A. Absolutely not.  That is extremely dangerous to exercise while wearing a mask.  If you would like to wear a mask before and after class that is your choice.
Q. Do we need to wait in our car before class?
A. That is up to you but is not required.  We have plenty of chairs for you to wait for your class to start.
Q. How many people are allowed in classes?
A. In Studio A. 35 people are allowed per class.  In Studio B. 7 people are allowed per class.
Q.  How do I know if the class I want to come to is full?
A. The Mindbody App will let you know if you have been put onto a wait list.  If you do not get any notice your registration has been accepted.
Q. How do I pay for classes?
A. You can pay for passes through this website on the Class Schedule/Rates page.
Q. Do I need to register for Zoom classes ahead of time?
A. No. You can just show up.  You will be placed into an online waiting room until the instructor accepts your entry request.  Rachel will than add you to the class list at the end of business day. 
Q. Is there a place for me to change my clothes?
A. We have a restroom for you to change in.
Q. Why are their no fans in the front of the studios?
A. We have set up cooling corners for each studio.  This will allow you to cool off without any risk of Covid spread.
Q. Where can I put my personal belongings?
A. We have hooks for purses/jackets and your can store your bags under the chairs. Please don't leave your personal belongings in your car.  There is a saying, if it would inconvenience you being stolen than bring it with you.
Q. Is there water for sale?
A. Yes. We have a self serve refrigerator in each studio.  We are accepting payments on the honor system.  $1 for water and $1 for snack bars.
Q. Is there day care?
A. No.  I am not sure if or when we will be adding day care back into the gym.