I have followed Rachel's
Bootcamp and have found it easy to follow and I truly appreciate the support from the group. 
I have never been one who can follow things "solo" and stick with it for long. The accountability of daily check-ins and weekly weigh-ins helps motivate me and "keep me honest" towards my goals. Thank you Rachel and Group.   

Five Stars - Sharon K.
Rachel has been amazing! She really makes sure she gets to know you to provide you with the best workout plan.  She's super thorough and moves slow at first to really take in what you can and cannot do. Which I loved! It helped to show me my strength as well. She is also very thorough in explaining good dieting techniques and how to make it work, even when you are on a low budget like me. She is awesome to talk to and makes the workout seem like it flies by. Which is awesome because normally your just waiting for it to end. Lol but even though it seems to go quick, you end up getting such an amazing workout! I'd recommend her to anyone! She is an absolute gem!

oh... and FREE ZUMBA
(applies to 1st class only)

Do you struggle with:

Have you ever felt trapped by weight control? When struggling with weight, losing weight and keeping it off can seem almost impossible.

Weight Control

On the Scales

Lack of support or motivation can impede your desire to invest in your health and fitness. Having a great support system can give you the positive reinforcement you need to have the energy and motivation to accomplish your goals.


Outdoor Pushup

Have you struggled with sticking to a healthy nutrition plan? From being unsure what healthy eating is, all the fad diets out there, nutrition-barren fast foods, knowing how to eat healthy can be tough.


Fall Salad

Between kids, commuting, work and any other responsibilities of life, it can often leave us feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day to fit in a workout.


Intense Training

How We Can Help.


Improving Your Health


Increasing cardiovascular strength & overall health to help prevent or manage health conditions and diseases.



Sleep Better


Help you sleep better and feel more energized during the day.


Reduce Stress and Elevate Your Mood


Help with stress and reduce the risk of depression


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Learn how to lose weight quickly with delicious and fun foods. Workout with a trainer or pick from a full schedule of group fitness classes.


Weight Loss


scale clip art.png



Have support system of coaches and

community to help you along the way.


Boost Confidence


Become more confident in yourself

and your abilities.



What Our Clients Say About Us


"While I haven't been privileged to take all the instructors classes, I'm sure they are just as dynamic as those instructors classes that I have been privileged to take.  FIM is the best place to get fit - physically and, in turn, mentally.  FIM just can't be beat!!"
-Bev J. 


"Rachel Pergl has introduced me to the best weight loss plan I have tried, and I have tried a lot!!! Not only did she introduce, she is only a text away from any and all questions. I love the beach body product and I am finally able to succeed with my weight loss journey!!"
-Shelli W. 
"Rachel cares for each
of her class members.
We are family."
-Leann A. 

"Thanks so much for your warm welcome, you and your staff and members have all been so kind and welcoming.  I've never experienced a gym/workout facility like your.  It's taken me a while to get in there but now that I've experienced it, I have recommended to so many others" - Amy L.

"I am so thankful for FIM, for without it I would not have met the strong, smart and wonderful women who are in my life today"
-Christy C.

"8 months after losing my husband to an auto accident, I needed to channel the pain.  I needed not just a gym but a community.  This I found at Fitness In Motion" - Paula E.

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